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Lambros Real Estate ERA has office locations in Hamilton and Florence Montana in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley.  We are your real estate specialist in residential homes, condo's, commercial, multi-family, ranch and land and recreational properties for sale.

At Lambros Real Estate ERA when you work with one of us you work with all of us. Lambros Real Estate ERA was founded on the principle of collaboration- the idea that by working together and helping one another we could build a stronger community of real estate professionals and help to strengthen the communities where we work and practice real estate.

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Our global community of real estate professionals combines local neighborhood experience with up-to-the-minute real estate resources to deliver the results home buyers and sellers need today. Buying and selling real estate is a process with many steps involved to complete a transaction. That’s why we keep our approach as simple and straightforward as possible. This website and the ERA Real Estate YouTube Channel provide information about some of the most commonly asked questions about real estate. To find out more about your neighborhood, your home search, or selling your house contact an Lambros ERA Real Estate professional in your community.

About the Bitterroot Valley

Welcome to the beautiful Bitterroot Valley! A place where the stunning peaks of the Bitterroot and Sapphire Mountains meet the gorgeous, productive and tree filled Bitterroot Valley. Here Lewis and Clark and Historic Nex Perce trails meet modern, thriving communities. Throughout our valley you will find a multitude of scenic hiking trails and public fishting access sites.  Here you can encounter spectacular beauty and world-class recreation that any true outdoor enthusiast will love to experience. The Bitterroot Valley is 96 miles long and at its widest spot 25 miles across, encompassing 2,394 square miles.  74% of the land is owned by the public. The breathtaking scenery is of course, the most impressive attractions of the valley.

The Bitterroot Valley has a variety of communities. Each town has a spirit and namesake that has some historical significance to its western style.

Hamilton - The history of Hamilton began when Marcus Daly, a finance figure of the 1880's made his way into the Bitterroot Valley seeking other interests than mining. In 1887 Daly bought up small sawmills west of the present site and Hamilton became an established lumber making industry almost overnight. Daly brought in James Hamilton and Robert O'Hara to plan and develope his dream town with a bank, stores, a school and four churches. Incorporated in 1894 Mr. O'Hara became the first mayor and the town was named after James Hamilton.

Florence - The earliest settlers called the town "One Horse" for the small creek that runs through it from the Bitterroot Mountains.  A.B. Hammond brought the railroad to the Bitterroot to transport timber. He se up a swamill in the center of the best logging areas and this site became the town of Florence. There was a town to the north called Carlton, which merged with Florence, thus the school name Florence Carlton. By the turn of the century Florence had a post office, railroad depot, hotel, several stores, churches a small creamery and of course saloons.

Stevensville - Father DeSmet founded St. Mary's Mission and John Owen built the Fort Owen Trading Post. Stevensville, accordingly, was started by John R. Winslet and J.K. Houk. The two men were traders and they needed a place to set up a trading business. On May 12, 1864 the settlers there named their little community Stevensville after Isaac Ingells Stevens, the first governor of the then Washington territory.

Corvallis - Originally Corvallis was called Chaffinville and was a few miles from its present site. Elijah & Margaret Chaffin and their children settled in the Corvallis area in 1866. To this day Corvallis is still unicorporated. By 1883 Corvallis contained 30 families, several stores, the Christian Church & School district 1 with 80 children.

Darby - Darby gained its name from its postmaster james Darby who consulted no one about what the town's name should be. Darby has had several ups and downs in its economy through the years. First it was mining and fur trading, then the "apple" boom. Finally a stedy grouth of agriculture, cattle ranching and the timber industry took over.

Victor - In the mid 1860's A. Stern Blake & his Shoshone wife came to the valley and were among the orginal founders of Victor. At that time Victor was part of Missoula County, originally platted as Garfield, after President James Garfield, it was later renamed after Chief Victor of the Salish Indian tribe.

Sula - The Sula (Ross Hole) area is best known for being the place where Lewis and Clark met the Salish Indians. Charles Russell, a famous Montana painter, has one of his paintings hanging in the Montana State Capitol capturing the view from James Wetzsteon's pioneer home in Sula.

The Bitterroot Valley is truly a place like no other. We have 4 distinct seasons, each bringing all the beauty that Montana has to offer.  Let our Lambros Real Estate professionals guide your to making it a home...for you and your family.

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